Friday, May 29, 2009


This blog is about our Pearson 442...a 42' sailboat..
To decide to live on a sailboat is not a decision made lightly...In 1995 we sold up and moved on to a 30' S10 center cockpit sailboat. We had the boat in a marina on KY lake..a bit of a river ride from the salt water...
At a point in the spring of 2001 we decided to enlarge our living space...So boat shopping began in earnest....
We bought Merlin, a Pearson 442, in Regatta Point FL in June of 2001...we were in Ft. Meyers FL at the city marina for 9/11..
The trip to the Keys was beautiful and uneventful..time to dodge lobster pots and find enough water to navigate the west coast of Florida..
Finally made it to Boot Key harbor for a final check of boat systems, grocery shop and start watching for a weather window to make the jump to the Bahamas....more later on the Gulf stream crossing

The photo is Merlin at the fuel dock on the island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean

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  1. Wow... how cool!! I look forward to hearing more about life on a boat.