Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Addition to Spiritdance

Wow..Hadn't realized I had been so lazy with my posts...

We have put our "new" boat in the water..her name is NEREID..this is the name of water nymphs that help sailors...she needs alot of work but TLC will go a long way...

Actually this post is to announce that coming soon to Spiritdance will be a line of handmade soap..
We have coined the name "AnnVeraLynn" which is the middle names of myself and my 2 sisters who are semi-involved....I wanted to call it "3 Crafty Sisters " but got voted down..
Now you are probably wondering what these two subject have in common..

The soap came out of my youngest sister wanting to do soap again but not having the time and I wanted to do some "boat" soap....on a boat you have limited fresh water, so you need a soap that rinses off in very little water..handmade soap answers that...I am working to see if it will work well in saltwater...Also handmade soaps don't leave a scummy residue so the shower area stays cleaner...
When you are traveling outside this country carrying supplies becomes a storage if the soap doubles as body wash and clothes washing... sometimes this has to be done by hand on board...that how about dishes??? A good handmade soap with orange oil should answer all these ..maybe..

Anyway I have decided to add the line of soap to Spiritdance sometime in Oct...will have fall and Christmas change your candles how about your guest handsoap..

by Margaret of Spiritdance

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  1. I'm looking forward to see your new soaps!
    Must be exciting for you.

    Anne ^i^